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Georgie x Georgie – 1985 post

“What makes for a good curator? Passion, curiosity, intelligence.” – Philippe Parreno In the spirit of curation as an art form itself, I caught up with my namesake Georgie Okell, a radio/TV presenter, DJ and all around music industry bad ass, who continues to invent, evolve and preserve the discovery of modern music. Read the …


Haarlem Soul – 1985 post

Described as “a soul sensation” (The Guardian), “ultra-talented” (SB.TV), with “slick harmonies, suave guitar riffs and 60’s throwback chorus” and “…the dandy of modern soul” (Digital Spy); let me introduce you to Bo Saris, the mega talented contemporary soul singer-songwriter from Haarlem in the Netherlands. With his debut album GOLD released via Decram Records on …


Away Message – 1985 post

As a DJ, I’m always on the look out for great remixes & covers to incorporate into my sets & new tracks to play & share with friends. NY-based DJ & producer Cousin Cole has been on my radar for quite some time, from his memorable remixes of Springsteen’s “I’m On Fire” and Neil Young’s …


Jam Sutton: Painting Digital – 1985 post

Jam Sutton is a British photographer, visual artist and fashion designer from a new generation of creatives who break away from the traditional boundaries of photography and art. From shooting to post production, he is fully hands-on and in control of every artistic aspect, creating a bold, recognisable style. His collaborations include music videos and …


London’s Last Sweetheart – 1985 post

Georgie MacEchern: Laurel, firstly thanks for taking the time to chat with me, I for one am super excited to be interviewing you as feel you are one of the most exciting artists to emerge out of the UK at the moment. Laurel: Thanks! That’s pretty lovely to hear. GM: How was it supporting Dan …